Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Kardashians by bebe

Kardashians by bebe (pronounced "bay bay" or "bee bee?" no one agrees and I need to know!) is a collection inspired by Kim, Kourtney and Khloe - NOT actually designed by them. I wonder if they had any input in the creative process at all?

A "Jersey Shore" J-WOWW sighting, in a Christian Audigier (are you at all surprised?)! Also there was Jay Manuel and Kim herself in one of the look, a gray, hoodie dress with leatherette corset.
The collection was exactly what you would expect when you think of a bebe line inspired by the Kardashians, and yet in a surprisingly good way! Very bodycon, but not trashy, a good amount of tough leather worked in, strong shoulders, overall a great mix of everyday and clubwear. I really loved the few pops of fuschia, which made me think of their jaunt in Miami, and the army green silk twill pieces, which were so on the money for this spring. What I loved about this collection was that you can actually shop it NOW as opposed to waiting six months, though it looks like a ton of stuff is sold out already - let's hope they re-stock!