Friday, February 19, 2010

Leanne Marshall F/W '10

Leanne Marshall's show had a few of the current "Project Runway" people there, I saw of Maya and her fabu round bag - when I saw it in her portfolio before this season started I definitely went "Oooooo." Alyssa was tres excited to be seated right behind them!
Leanne Marshall has such an innate sense of intricate detailing! This season she had embellishments, I suppose a bit like cut outs. She's been my favorite winner so far, if only she made an ass out of herself all the time, she'd stay famous for having such a "big" personality. Alas, she is sweet and humble and therefore does not get the press she deserves! You can barely buy her stuff outside, Oregon, how unacceptable is that? Let's change that together, shall we - I demand someone order a custom gown for the Oscars!!