Sunday, February 21, 2010

Magalis Garcia F/W '10

Being half Boricua myself, this season I was excited to attend a presentation by Margalis Garcia, an up and coming designer of Puerto Rican heritage. Magalis studied painting and sculpture before finding her calling in fashion design, and it shows in the sculptural folds and draping of her pieces. With her cocktail dresses in particular, she creates intriguing texture and dimension without adding unnecessary bulk. Amazingly, Magalis created the entire 22 piece fall collection herself, without the assistance of a single seamstress.

I like the almost watercolor feel of the fabric appliques on this dress

Unfortunately the presentation itself was a frustrating experience, mostly due to the odd behavior of many of the models. I kind of felt sorry for the designer. The models were lined up in two parallel lines. I kept waiting for them to rotate the lines, but it never happened, and thus it was difficult to get a good view of the pieces in the back. What made it even more difficult to really pay attention to the clothes was the fact that most of the models seemed bored or distracted, slouching, fidgeting, or chatting to their neighbor. Most confounding of all, the majority of the time when I attempted to photograph them, it seemed they would look over, see that I was not carrying a giant professional SLR, and look away in disinterest. This is readily apparent in my photographs. I had never had an experience like that at any presentation I've attended. It was so bizarre, I finally just gave up!

That said, I really enjoyed the artistic approach to the line and look forward to seeing what Magalis Garcia creates for future seasons (although hopefully with different model casting).

Watch the slideshow below:


Leah said...

Gorgeous-love the Latin designers. Great use of shape and structure in the one shouldered dresses. Is it just me or does the collection lack cohesion?


Alyssa said...

Definitely not just you. I think the giant sleeping bag coat is the most "one of these things are not like other" garment. However, I think there are some really standout pieces, and I'm looking forward to seeing how she continues to develop her style into a more signature look.