Friday, February 26, 2010

My Fashion Challenge: Striped Knit Cardigan

Last night I went the to Lucky Magazine Style Spotter event at Cusp in DC, where I met Fashion is Spinach and managed to spend waaaaaaay too much money that I don't have! I ended up with both the cardigan, which I plan to pair with printed tops and neon colors a la techno nomad, and the skinny black pants from J Brand because, well, just look what they did to my legs!

I know I'll have trouble pairing the cardigan with other prints, so please, please, please give me ideas on tops that it will work with! I tried it on this morning with an Asian-inspired, green floral top and I think it worked... I'll have to post and get your feedback.


Poochie said...

I think a dark top in a small print would look good under that.

Or an equal sized plaid in the same colors

Or a bright red/solid top.

WendyB said...

Those pants are amazing on you!

shakira said...

Those pants are amazing on you!