Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Peter Jensen F/W '10

Peter Jensen told the story of a fictional academy, Marica Blaine's School in Ediburgh, giving "Gossip Girl" a UK spin. Very schoolgirl and -boy chic, the clothing showed the "fortitude of of gray wartime London." Imagine waxed cotton rain gear, Scottish tartans, many a blazer and an outstanding print of tiny British Royal Guards.
The Cardigans performed, but refused to sing Lovefool. For whhhhhyyy?? Tavi attended, but almost no one noticed her tiny self hunched down in the crowded room. I saw some seamed back hose, and went bonkers for a red seamed version (hose itself still a sheer nude). The tights were all Pamela Mann, if you want to get a pair yourself! I also really loved the work put into the backdrop / set, which was a detailed school hallway by Charlotte Mann (no idea if they're related or not).