Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rad Hourani F/W '10

Rad Hourani was another show that was a bit of a mess, PR-wise. I got a "Save The Date" email, and so RSVPed. Than, at around 1 AM the night before the show I get an email saying they cannot accommodate me. Since I had gotten the email. I assumed it was a mistake and went to the show. When I get there I'm informed that they sent out the "Save the Date" to everyone and their mother and that it's not technically an invite - well then! I did manage to get in, and even snag an empty seat right before the show started, but I could tell that a lot of people were insulted. On the plus side, I saw Julia Frakes (and got a way blurry picture of her, sorry) and she told me my coonskin hat made her day - huzzah!
As for the clothing, I've always been drawn to the futuro goth vibe that Rad Hourani embodies. His clothing is always unisex, has a lean silhouette, and is heavy on black and hardware embellishments. This collection was a little monotonous and hard to catch detail in the all-black palette, but beautifully executed. I heard later that there was one jacket shown ten times and worn ten different ways, now that's an investment piece. Did it turn into some of the super cute bags I saw, because I would die of want! I think there's a good chance this label will continue to grow and gain fans, as long as they start treating their current fans with a little more appreciation!