Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tom Scott F/W '10

After meeting up at an earlier show, Deanne, editor of one of my favorite fashion blogs, Dream Sequins, took me along on a mini tour of a few of her favorite spots to shop, eat (incredible ramen followed by exquisite cupcakes), and finally, a stop at the presentation for designer Tom Scott.

Exceptionally creative presentations are so exciting to me (I'm still kicking myself for not tagging along with Vyque to Rachel Antonoff's amazing presentation) and Tom Scott is known for his inventive venues, having apparently housed previous presentations in an abandoned dry cleaners and a Chelsea Hotel Suite. This time, with a line entitled "Hair Culture," the line was presented at Beauty Bar, a former 1940's beauty salon that now has a saloon style bar as well. It truly felt like we had just wandered into a salon filled with stylish young, artsy New Yorkers hanging out while waiting to get their hair did.

The inspiration for the collection itself came from a 1921 hair how-to book Tom Scott picked up on ebay as well as the work of artists Ellen Gallagher, Erich Steinbrecher, and photographer Okhai Ojeikere, along with other found images. With an emphasis on knit pieces, there were shaggy sweaters and sweaters with hanging loops of thread, big hanging pom-poms, or giant bobble stitches, all reflected again in the model's hair styles. Slashed cashmere pieces and hair inventively accessorized with metal hair clips added a touch of punk rock sensibility.

See the whole slideshow: