Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Who's Who of Fashion Week

Since I'm on my 5th season of attending NY Fashion Week, I've gotten pretty familiar with some of the big names that are out there and who I should grab a shot of. Unfortunately, so many of my friends back in DC are like, who did you take this person's picture, that's not Anna Wintour, is it? So here are some of the important, but not very famous outside NYC, people of fashion week!
Important people at fashion week

  1. Fern Mallis - VP of IMG Fashion, which organizes Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week held in the tents. She was recently a judge on The Fashion Show. I sat next to her at one of my first fashion shows and she was one of the nicest people ever!
  2. Patrick McDonald - Fashion writer and dandy about town, he's gotten more famous after appearing on Bravo's Launch My Line. Soft-spoken and polite, he's a total gentleman and never above talking to someone (like me!).
  3. Carine Roitfeld - Editor-in-Chief for Paris Vogue, she scares the bejesus out of me. Impossibly chic, she has amazing eyebrows and is known for her trademark smokey eyes.
  4. Lynn Yeager - a former fashion reporter for The Village Voice. Also a regular contributor to The New York Times Style Magazine. Known for her eccentric personal style, powdered face and dark, cupid's-bow lipstick.
  5. Rosemary Ponzo - Costume designer and stylist, frequently rocking seriously large headgear, to the dismay of those sitting behind her! I called her the Liza Minnelli look a like until I discovered she had a name of her own.
  6. Julia Frakes - Fashion writer who contributes to Paper Magazine and more, she's a fashion inspiration to many. Known for a willowy frame and sweet personality, I met her recently and had to force myself to not act like like she was my BFF. She told me my hat made her day, huzzah!
  7. Suzy Menkes - Head fashion reporter and Editor for the International Herald Tribune. Recognizable by her signature pompadour, her opinion is one of the most important in fashion!
  8. Bill Cunningham - Fashion photographer for the NY Times, he's most known for his candid and street photography. He once took a picture of me at a Tuleh show and told me he loved my hat (note to self: hats are what get me noticed by the fashionable!)
  9. Mickey Boardman - Founder of Paper Magazine, he's tres hardworking as I think I see him most at NYFW. He's almost always smiling and one of these days I will get up the courage to introduce myself!
  10. Glenda Bailey - Editor-in-Chief of Harper's Bazaar, and is the reputed inspiration for the cult hit Absolutely Fabulous. She was a guest judge on The Fashion Show.
So there you have it, some of the fashion people I've been referring to! Now you know not to give their names when trying to sneak into a fashion show as you will get totally busted!


Alyssa said...

great post!

Alyssa said...
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NYC Fashionista said...

These are the power players who drive fashion forward and keep the industry always moving - The front row fixtures....

M said...

good info

Duck said...

"Glenda Bailey - Editor-in-Chief of Harper's Bazaar, and is the reputed inspiration for the cult hit Absolutely Fabulous. She was a guest judge on The Fashion Show."

That's suprising, people here always talk about how a certain famous PR woman was the basis of AbFab, especially given that Eddie is, in fact, a hapless PR person on the show. Eeek love the list thought, you have inspired me to make my own list for London Fashion Week, as my "normal" friends never know who I am talking about...


Ashling said...

Great post!
It's now my 17th season at NYFW and it never gets dull there... I love seeing the familiar faces arrive at the tents in Bryant Park. Its like going back to school after the summer holidays and recognising familiar faces! :-)
Maybe see you there next season!?

Fashion Pulse said...

love this post! It turned out really really well-great job! xo

Ernest Schmatolla said...

It certainly is a strange list. A few of them are obvious of course, but Rosmary Ponzo is hardly in the same league with a Carine Roitfeld, Suzy Menkes or Glenda Bailey.

For example, some of the more powerful behind the scenes personalities is Ruth Finley, the publisher of the Fashion Calendar; and Julie Mannion and Ed Filopowsky of KCD. I would also include Ty Yorio of Citadel Security whose people really know how to handle the logistics of running the shows. Of course then there is Fern Mallis who has been in charge of running the shows from even before the CFDA sold it to IMG.

Best regards,

Ernest Schmatolla, publisher

Ruby Leonne said...

So funny Duck
~ The reason why I wanted to do fashion PR is because of Eddie. Yes, even though her ethics and businesses are deplorable. Intriguing roll model none the less.

~Great post! It helps to put faces and titles with the names in the industry. You never know when you may be walking among royality.

Saurabh said...

hey, thats nice post about the who's who of fashion!!