Thursday, February 25, 2010

Winter to Spring '10

Winter to Spring
I am currently horribly obsessed with camo print pants, which you've maybe noticed growing for the past six months or so. Luckily, it's tres chic right now, thanks to trendsetter du jour, Balmain. So I've decided to use a pair as inspiration for my dream winter to spring transition outfit!

So what to pair with skinny camo jeans? I immediately knew I wanted some Camilla Skovgaard sandals, I am also obsessed with the amazing tread she's been using. It matches the vibe without feeling costumey.

I continued staying out of my comfort zone by choosing a blue top. It's still basic, but not easy. Then I saw the vest, which looked sooo soft and cozy. Imagine my surprise to find out it's made of pleated lace, how cool is that? Lace usually makes one think of stiff and a little scratchy, so it's neat to see in a different light.

Finally, the accessories! Of course a statement necklace, I would say definitely still hot. This one is big, but its clear color makes it super wearable. Also, I love how its inherent glamour contrast with the military, utilitarian outfit. Some cashmere fingerless gloves, again a mix of tough and luxe, a denim shoulder bag and some Ray-Ban clubmasters top off this Satorialist-ready look.

Now I just need to find this outfit for under $100 in total... le sigh!


DWJ said...

I've been obsessed with camo print for years so I'm happy it is on trend right now. I definitely want those jeans, they are too cute!