Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Biker Studded Wellies

Biker Studded WelliesSince I was just talking about rainy day fashion, here are some cute, limited edition Wellies for you! i love the biker-inspired look, with the studded straps! Buy at Akira for $225.

My Fashion Challenge: Rainy Spring

I don't know about you guys, but when it's rainy out I have a lot of trouble trying to look nice. Luckily for me, I have a secret weapon: patent red rain boots!
Every time I wear these someone compliments me, I love it! I bought them from Banana Republic forever ago, you can definitely see the wear & tear... Any thoughts on how I can make them last as long as possible?

I'm also wearing some basic knit pants from Free People, a Vena Cava top, a Silence + Noise blazer, and my purple leopard print scarf from LOFT.
Here's a close up of my Vena Cava top, I love it so much! It's interesting and unusual without being in your face or gimmicky.
Don't forget a cute umbrella! I remember this one was super cheap at Urban Outfitters! For only a little bit more than what you'd spend on your basic black umbrella at CVS you can get a cute, compact one that really adds to your look.

Denim Corset

Another way to rock the denim look this spring is with a sexy corset, no one will mistake you for a cowhand in this! Buy at TopShop for $65.

Alexander McQueen Lady Gaga Collaboration

Lady Gaga in the Alexander McQueen Armadillo ShoesOMG please don' t let this be an early April Fool's Day joke!! There's a rumor going about that Lady Gaga, Alexander McQueen's "unofficial muse," will be creating a capsule collection for the brand. It's been a stormy year for the fashion house, with its founder found dead during NY Fashion Week. This collaboration would certainly be some positive news and help establish the brand's direction post-McQueen.

At this early stage little is known about the capsule collection. It is believed, however, that it will sit alongside the main Alexander McQueen line, like the McQ by Alexander McQueen diffusion - I hope it's also more affordable like McQ! It's possibly going to be called 'Poisson D'Avril', a reference to the poison seen in Lady Gaga's Telephone video.

UPDATE: Officially an April Fool's Day rumor :( Man I hate that

Asymmetrical Blouse

Asymmetrical BlouseI was on the hunt for a cute military button down but got totally distracted by this L.A.M.B. blouse! Don't you love the asymmetrical closure?? Buy at ShopBop for %165.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Project Runway Game Winners!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG so exciting! Alyssa & I just had the drawing for the Project Runway Game Giveway and...

Winners of the PC/DVD Project Runway Game: Jessica S. and Jozie4

Winner of the Project Runway Wii game AND $50 VISA Gift Card: DWJ!

Congrats to the winners, we'll be in touch shortly, and thanks to everyone who entered!

Spike-Inspired Jewelry

Wendy B has answered my prayers by creating Spike-inspired jewelry, an amazing necklace and ring. Who's Spike, you ask?? I'm intensely sorry for any who doesn't know, he was the bad boy British vampire that eventually became Buffy's love interest. That's right "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" who did the high school chick loves a vampire WAY before "Twilight." Also, she was a bad ass in her own right, not constantly needing saving like a certain someone...
SpikeI digress. Spike is amazing. He was complex and swaggery and had the sexiest accent. I love anything that has to do with him. I listened to his old band's music. I listened to techno remixes of his lines from the show. He is and always will be number one on my list (you know from "Friends" - the five celebrities you can sleep with without it being considered cheating). If I saw him right now, I would dissolve into a 12-year-old girl puddle of screaming tears. Anything that has to do with him I must own. One of these pieces will be mine, oh yes.
Just one of my Spike action figures ;)

Jodi Arnold Online Store

Jodi Arnold has launched their online store, lots of pretty new pieces right at your fingertips! To celebrate, take 20% off and get free shipping with the code "JASPRING10" at checkout.

Rosette Faux Fur Skirt

This is one of the "Wild Things" collaboration pieces for Opening Ceremony. Isn't the texture to die for - faux fur somehow woven into rosettes! On sale now for just $66, I imagine it will sell out quick.

Mint Leopard Print Dress

Mint Leopard Print DressWhat an unusual color for leopard print! This Karen Walker dress has almost an African / Ikat feel to it, don't you think? Perfect for the season! And, while originally $705, it's on sale for $212 at Milk!

Foldover Clutch

This clutch comes in basic black, brown or coral, but I'm really loving the magenta snake print! Big enough to be a day to night purse, you can buy at LOFT for $98.

Skeleton Print Sweatshirt

Who originated this rib cage print trend... was it Rodarte? No, I think there was a McQ BY MCQUEEN rib cage tee back in '08, but I can't find a picture of it. Buy this sweatshirt at Urban Outfitters for $108. A bit pricey for a sweatshirt, but you can't deny its cuteness!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Blow Monkey Nail Dryer

Does this work well? Who cares, it's a monkey blowing on your nails! Though it's only £6 or about $9 US dollars, so I imagine it will break after its 3rd us... Still adorably hilarious though! Buy from Totally Funky.

H&M Style Eye Contest

H&M is holding an awesome contest on Facebook, where you upload a personal style pic and via votes and judging you could win a chance to be in a Lucky Magazine fashion spread (dies) and get a $500 shopping spree! Vote for me (or I will cry because I cannot express how badly I want the Lucky Mag photoshoot prize) and enter on Facebook!

Wedding Dress Code Guide

Wedding season is rapidly descending upon us! Besides never wearing white, the dress codes of wedding attire have gotten hazier and hazier as time has gone by. But don't fret, I have created this guide to help you look amazing. I decided to focus mostly on location, since that usually makes the most impact on what a person wears.

Beach Wedding
Ahh, the beach wedding. This is usually "informal" or "casual" but how casual is too casual? Will your heels sink in the sank (answer: yes)? This is where you can break out your sparkly flat sandals or cute wedges. And while you can get away with loose jersey dresses, it still doesn't hurt to have some glitz - I'm particularly fond on the tank dress with the lamé skirt underneath! Buy at Nordstrom for just $120. But don't be afraid to dress to the theme, look for ikat, rafia, and island details to really create a great look. Don't forget a great wrap for the night ocean breezes!
Garden Wedding
Garden weddings, or other outdoor wedding, are usually" informal", which technically falls between "casua" and "semi-formal." This usually means cocktail dresses, though you can still get away with a slightly more relaxed look, particularly if it's a daytime affair. This means flowy silks or tailored cotton. I can't help but love prints, particularly florals, for an outdoor wedding. If your style tends to be more minimal or edgy, go for a bright solid to look festive! As for shoes, strappy sandals with tall heels look great, but if you have trouble walking in grass you may want to consider a cute wedge.
Cocktail Party Wedding
Cocktail weddings usually fall under "cocktail" or "semi-formal" attire and are the most common wedding had. They can be held in a huge variety of spaces, from art galleries to hotel ballrooms to the hottest restaurant! This is where you can really start amping up the glam factor, with sequins and lots of bling. You can also get a little edgier here, maybe pair your frock with some booties or hardware that would feel out of place outdoors. I love the Alexander Wang pyramid clutch for a mix of tough and luxe, but it's a pricey $490 at ShopBop.
Formal Wedding
I have never been to a "formal" wedding, which is why I have beautiful long gowns wasting away in the back of my closet! These are always evening, black tie affairs with men in tuxedos and women in evening gowns. I imagine these are socialite weddings held at the Plaza, with towering centerpieces and seven course dinners. This is where you break out the satin clutches and pumps, and your most expensive jewelry.

So there you have it, my thoughts and advice on how to style yourself the next wedding you find yourself attending! But don't be afraid to push the envelope... as long as you feel the bride would be OK with it. Remember, it's her day!

Cat Eye Sunglasses

Cat Eye SunglassesI swear I saw Norma Kamali herself wearing there last fall during fashion week and they looked great! Buy at Norma Kamali in black or tortoise for $250.

Tie Dye Cut Offs

These Siwy cut off shorts have some tie dye detailing on the sides, a neat take on the tie dye trend! They look so cozy, and Siwy denim is always super soft. I totally want to hit up the beach now! Buy at South Moon Under for $168.

Cupcake Posts

I've been thinking about getting more studs to diversify my earring collection, but they always tend to be somewhat boring. But not these adorable cupcake ones by Viv & Ingrid! Buy at ShopTwigs for just $41.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Kate Spade Sale

My so-called "friend" sent me this today, why are you torturing me?!?!? up to 75% off sale, additional 25% off when item(s) placed in cart, free shipping AND 25% off $50 discount code (DONTFRET)

Spring Floral Blazer

This cotton & linen blazer by Free People is a great lightweight piece for spring into summer! I really like the floral print, which has a almost a watercolor quality! Buy at JB & Me for $128.

Rainbow Print Dress

Rainbow Print DressThis Alice + Olivia dress looks so frothy sweet, like cotton candy or icing! I wish I could afford its $495 price tag at Bergdorf's!

Trapeze Bed Jacket

Oh wow, what a great way to rock a lingerie style look while looking sweet and feminine and not showing too much skin! This satin bed jacket would look great with a tank or jeans, over a bodycon cocktail dress or just lounging around the house! And on sale at Violetville's eBay store for $52!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Links à la Mode: DIY NATION

links a la mode
Edited by Fashion Pulse Daily
It seems that across the board, there has been a resurgence in DIY, as we are very much living in a world of 'Do it Yourself' everything; ranging from creating or updating or garments' silhouettes and decorative details to showcasing our own versions of runway looks, virtually styling with tools like Polyvore, tackling self-photography, and of course self-publishing via our blog platforms. We reign supreme in the DIY world on a daily basis, and I only see this trend gaining momentum. The roundup of this week's links is definitely an indication, directly and indirectly, of the incredibly creative, innovative, persevering, motivated folks that are part of the new DIY frontier, and of course, IFB!

As expected, there was a fabulous round-up of links in the forum as well, all worthy of your eyeballs!

Tarina Tarantino Beauty Line

Tarina Tarantino is a jewelry designer who I haven't thought about in awhile, but looky she's launched a beauty line! I haven't tried any of the products, but the packaging is soooo pretty! You can buy lip gloss, brushes, primer and more at Sephora, most in the $20 to $35 range.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Laser Cut Cardigan

COVET! It looks like mesh, but really it's laser cut silk/rayon! And can people stop using viscose to mean rayon, it gets me confused with viscous, thanks. Buy at Aloha Rag for the unattainable (for me anyway) price of $470.

Cropped Denim Jacket

Cropped Denim JacketI think the cropped shape of this grey denim jacket gives a little bit of a buffer that makes it more pairable with denim bottoms for a non-country western denim on denim look! Buy at Revolve Clothing for $75.

Asymmetric Leather Hobo

Asymmetric Leather HoboI wish I could afford this Foley + Corinna hobo, which has a sling-like quality that I love so much! I wonder if the strap is long enough to wear like a back pack!?! Buy at CUSP for $450.

Spiral Tie Dye Tee

Spiral Tie Dye TeeTie dye, it's soo hot right now! I like this grey spiral version, which is unique but has more staying power than other incarnations. Buy at C & C California for $54.

Multichain Pendant Bib

Multichain Pendant BibThis Sorrelli necklace is kinda like a mix of a charm bracelet, pendant and bib necklace! It reminded me of twinkly, year-round tree lights and that made me happy so I'm sharing with you. Buy for $95 in three different colors.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Chambray Blazer

Chambray BlazerHmm, I believe chambray is a light cotton fabric... does it always have to be denim blue colored? Because I've never seen it as anything else! Either or, this Dallin Chase blazer has the oh-so-popular denim look for spring, with luxe satin touches! Buy at ShopBop for $212.

Reversible Dot Print Bikini

Reversible Dot Print BikiniFrom far away the dot print on this reversible bikini looks a little metallic, and totally 80's! And if you get tired of the color, flip to the black side - or mix and match! Buy the halter top for $46 and matching bottoms for $42 at Swell.

Zebra Pencil Skirt

This zebra print has a lot more dimension by having black, white AND brown! Much more realistic, it's almost like there's one really there :P Buy at Tracy Reese for $145. What's up with me and animal prints lately, have I fallen into safari madness??

Tie Dye Cashmere Sweater

Tie Dye Cashmere SweaterI like unusual cashmere sweaters, and tie dye is so chic right now! This Michael Kors sweater was originally a whooping $755, but now on sale at for $265.

Purple Sequin Tulle Tank

All you have to say is "it's purple" and I'm sold, but this Gryphon tank is a particularly pretty piece! I love that it's not solid sequins, more like someone took a handful (or three) and just scattered them about the top. It's still got glitz, but it's much more wearable! Buy at Les Nouvelles for the sale price of $148.

Striped One Shoulder Dress

Ooo, I love this stripe print - almost zebra-esque, don't you think? This would be an amazing addition to anyone's spring wardrobe and it's on sale for just $97 at Bloomingdale's!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Boxy Leopard Print Blouse

Boxy Leopard Print BlouseThis boxy shaped blouse with its mandarin collar would look great paired with a slim pair of black pants! Or be bold and tuck it into a fuchsia pink pencil skirt! Buy at La Garconne for the sale price of $186.

Stars Scarf

Stars ScarfI love the stars on this scarf - it gives some quirky sass to an otherwise classic piece, but manages to stay neutral! Buy at Otte for $105.

Lattice Cage Heels

My latest fashion obsession is the idea of pairing black cage heels with neon pink knee socks! Alas, they are sold out of my size in these on sale for $127 Pour La Victoire at Ssense. Not that I would be allowed to buy them anyway :P

My Fashion Challenge: Birthday Girl

This is what I wore for my birthday celebrations over the weekend. I could have accessorized more, though I know I started the night with a cute, grey denim jacket. But really, who cares cuz I look skinny, woo hooo! I was going for Taylor Momsen, think I succeeded?

Chain Bag

Chain BagThis silver chain clutch is impossibly cool, and more affordable than you would initially think - that doesn't mean it's within any of our price ranges though! Buy at Not Just a Label for $261.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Links à la Mode: Rants & Raves

links a la mode
Edited by Ashe Mischief
I was taken aback when going through the submissions this week – there were so many powerful, strong, opinionated pieces that I felt really taken aback. With overwhelming positivity or negativity, the fashion community is finding it’s voice – and making themselves heard!

The fashion community is great at sharing the voice of others, and we’ve got several fabulous interviews to prove it. From Derek Lam at Poetic & Chic and White Rabbit’s interview with Irish woman Sinead Doyle (along with my own interview with Amelia Arsenic at Dramatis Personae), there are voices for everyone. We’ve got bloggers ranting on the lack of premium denim in plus-sizes at Denim Debutante (hell yeah!), and some showcasing inspirational figures like KOOS (at M.I.S.S.), Philip Crangi (at Eternal Masquerade), and Maria Felix (at Jewelry Whore).

There were so, so many great links this week, it really was hard to narrow it down to 20. Check out the full listing of Links à la Mode here.

  • Bachman's Sparrow – DIY post on how to use bleach to revamp your “unloved” clothes!

  • blackdog finds: – How To: 10 Creative Ways to Revive Less-Than-Loved Clothing

  • Denim Debutante: – Guest Blog: Is there Size Discrimination in Premium Denim?

  • dramatis personae: – Amelia Arsenic’s Miss X Aesthetic Laboratories & Interview

  • Fashion Hippo – Win Marc by Marc Jacobs Leola Bow Wow Handbag

  • Fashion Pulse Daily: – Not Your Daughter’s Jeans: Fit for a Mother AND a Daughter?

  • fete a fete: – Whiisical spring designs from Camper shoes

  • Forty Not Out: – Louis Vuitton – Fall Winter 2010/2011

  • Grechen Blogs: – are you incorporating video into your blog? how is it working for you?

  • Independent Fashion Bloggers – A New Map of the Two-Way Street: Why Giving Back to the Blogosphere is Key to Growth

  • jesse.anne.o: – How do you swap, thrift or buy resale and NOT get bedbugs?

  • Jewelry Whore: – “The Fabulous Jewels of Maria Felix, La Dona”

  • M.I.S.S.: – Eyes To The Sky: Before BOHO There Was KOOS.

  • Obsession: – How I Met Design Duo of Giles & Brother, Philip and Courtney Crangi

  • Oranges and Apples: – Sustainable fashion part 2: thinking about speed

  • Poetic & Chic: – A candid interview with Derek Lam, fellow San Franciscan and fellow high school alumni!

  • Pretty Shiny Sparkly: – It’s leather. It’s quilted. It’s a computer, for fashionistas.

  • Style Symmetry: – Interview with the Stylish Sisters of Beckerman Bite Plate

  • The Thinking Fashionista: – An in-depth, critical look at the Russian Futurist themes of Viktor & Rolf’s Fall 2010 show.

  • The Working Man: – Incorporating Spring Into Your Working Look

  • White Rabbit: – An interview with Irish fashion Designer Sinead Doyle and the inspiration behind her S/S 2010 collection.

House of Harlow Shoes

Nicole Richie is expanding her House of Harlow line, previously jewelry and accessories, to include shoes! No surprise, it's extremely boho with touches of art deco thrown in at times. The sandals and moccasins are a bit too earthy for me, but I'm really feeling those fish scale peep toes! You can buy at Singer 22 and prices range from $168 to $275 for the Misha boot - think it's named after Misha Barton? I need a famous designer friend to name things after me, dammit!

Multi Rectangle Necklace

Multi Rectangle NecklaceOoo, you know this is one of my favorite styles of jewelry: clear, jeweled, asymmetrical bib! And it's only $88 at ShopBop, so impossibly tempting!