Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Givenchy Lace Footwear

Aren't these so lovely?? I just adore them. I am sad that I can't buy them though because the lace design is either on 4" heels or flats... I wish they came in a walkable-heel alternative. Maybe even 3" heels? That's a downside to living in nyc unless you cab it everywhere. Does anyone else encounter this problem all the time? All shoes I love are either ridiculously high or flats. That's my rant-ish post for the day.

Buy the flats for $430 and the booties for $850.


Jeanne Anne said...

They are lovely. I could get away with wearing these during work, but I usually like a higher heel with a platform, it makes it easier to walk in them for longer periods of time.