Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Jeffrey Sebelia Heads Fluxus

I believe Jeffrey Sebelia, former winner of "Project Runway," has been working with the LA-based clothing label Fluxus for a little bit now. I definitely started seeing more of them when he started, buyers love a name they can recognize! Well, that name recognition and, of course, his innate talent has resulted in him being named head designer, congrats!

Here are some images of his spring collection, which will be available online at their site and will be priced between $60 - $200 - I love how affordable! There's a wax treatment that gives a leather-like look for a fraction of the price and OMG he'll have a pair of short in that fabric, I call dibs!


Karen said...

Fluxus has undergone some internal changes latley but I can't see those changes as bad. Clearly a new leader means new fashions! Can't wait!