Monday, March 01, 2010

My Fashion Challenge: Garter Tights

So I've been obsessed with my Henry Holland garter tights and totally had to wear them to the Lucky Magazine Style Spotter event I went to last week! I needed a dress short enough to provide maximum impact, but I didn't want to go full out cocktail frock or sun dress, which left me with this dark navy Opening Ceremony dress that sometimes I think overemphasizes my super short waist, what do you think? I paired with a purple belt for color, which may have made the short waist situation worse but oh well, a beret for some schoolgirl charm and tall riding boots. I would have worn a fun cardigan over the dress and under the belt, but with the mock turtleneck the dress would have come off as matronly - maybe I should have pair with a long vest? Is there any way I could have made this dress look less "waist thickening" or should I give up?


WendyB said...

I don't think you look thick-waisted at all! Nothing to worry about.

Fashion Pad said...

I would recommend that you subtract the riding boots and wear a pair of black mary janes or pumps instead to create a long, lean look. Your waist does not look thick-waisted at all! But the boots don't complement the funky stockings very well. Overall, great outfit!

jartiyer said...

Thank you for sharing this beautiful