Thursday, March 04, 2010

New HP Vivienne Tam "Digital Clutch"

Ooo, the new HP Vivienne Tam netbook is out, looky how pretty! The new "Butterfly Lovers" design (inspired by a classic Chinese tale) is so cute, and the computer itself is just 2.7 lbs and less than an inch thin, perfect for on-the-go fashionistas, or bloggers such as myself!

"As a fashion designer I have always found inspiration in bringing contrasting worlds together," said Tam. "I use computers in every aspect of my life so it seemed natural to marry fashion and technology. Together with HP, we created this movement of fashionable tech accessories with the second-edition digital clutch."

OMG a built-in webcam, I want! There's also a matching mouse and earbuds for the coordinated. Sidenote: Don't you love it when bloggers write WHILE reading the press release, ahahahah. It's like I'm liveblogging!

You can reserve yours today at the site, or wait until March 19 to fight crowds in-store at retailers like Neiman Marcus and Best Buy. The HP Mini will run you $599, the mouse $40 and I think the earbuds are $199.

What do you think of the new design??


DWJ said...

I love the new design so much I want to trade in last year's version, LOL. I loooove butterflies and it's been a great laptop for when I travel or need to bring a computer somewhere with me.