Friday, March 19, 2010

Playing The Project Runway Video Game + Giveaway!

We have a fun giveaway today thanks to the folks over at Atari.

One Grand prize:
1 Project Runway Video Game + 1 $50 Visa Gift Card

2 Second prizes:
1 Project Runway Video Game

To enter, just leave a comment and an e-mail address you can be contacted at on this post, as well as whether you'd prefer the game for Wii or PC DVD (we have 1 copy for Wii and 2 copies for PC DVD to give away) prior to 12pm March 26th, and we will select three winners at random.

Don't worry, Tim Gunn has your back!

But first, Vyque and I took the game out for a practice spin and blogged our experience. Check it out below!

We pop in the game and set it up on easy, run through the tutorial and we're off! I'm blogging while Vyque plays first:

Vyque starts off the first challenge which is to create a punk outfit. She is given a list her initial design should look like. She then races the clock to design her dress to Tim Gunn's specifications.

Its time to choose her model. V chooses South African model whose specialty is punk. This girl should clearly have no problem rocking her punk outfit. Although V is concerned that at 25, her model is already "old and washed up."

Time for makeup! Tim says "Go, go, go"! V thinks they're asking her to make the model look kinda trampy, but she runs with it.

Applying eye shadow

Oh no Tim is rushing us again! Too stressful! She gets to go to town on the accessories! no instructions to follow!

Now, its time to rock the runway! V is judged by Michael Kors, Nina Garcia, and Heidi Klum, they love her outfit!

Vyque works the runway. Pose!

Now its my turn, so I'm passing blogging duty over to Vyque:

Alyssa is having serious issues getting used to pointing the Wiimote in the right direction! She's gonna create a hip hop outfit... ooo, Logan on the screen. Nommy.

Whenever you hear Tim Gunn's voice, you can't help but pretend you're in the workroom and respond with a buoyant "Hiiii Tim!"

You can do so much to your poor model, change their hair, add in highlights, put on lipstick and other make-up, even put in color contacts! No purple contacts though...

Each challenge gives a "recipe" for success, at least on easy, but I love how you can completely free form the accessories, without any recommendations. You can still see the how much of the green bar has filled up, showing you how you'll do before the actual runway.

Designing an outfit

A is having issues deciding on how to style her model, she would so be doing last minute adjustments right up to the last minute!

Hmm, I wonder if they play the exact same song for every catwalk? It would be so cool if you could choose music too!

Am I doing it right?

Ok, time to switch off again. Alyssa is back to blogging:

V chooses to do a preppy school girl challenge with Ramon.

V doesn't like being told how to design her outfit. So far her outfit looks like a Dorothy costume.

Um, V has been instructed to give her model orange blush and lipstick???? Haha, her model just made a kissy face.

We changed the level from easy to normal which is causing V to yell at the screen while shaking fist, "What do want from me?"

V: "Hiiiiiiii Tim!"

Switching place again. Vyque is back to blogging:

Doing the catwalk with the balance board is so much fun but I feel like my stomping is gonna break it! Rawr, I'm a model!

Yay, A is doing a make a dress out of newspaper challenge!

Ahahaha, A gets so close to running out of time every time she has to make decisions on how to style the model.

Oh look, they have matching newspaper earrings. I wish you could look through everything, not just whatever matches the challenge genre and "generic." But that would take up so much time!

Alright, Alyssa here again, the judges keep loving our outfits, but we want some snark with our judging! So, we are about to find out what happens when you design a hideous outfit. Poor Shirin, we are totally throwing her under the bus:

Um, V is having trouble keeping her models clothes on. Ok, figured out that one, but V's outfit choices are making the game sad.

Oooh, on the Harajuku challenge V can give the model purple hair. Jealous. And blue lips! Harajuku competition wins for awesomeness!

Now she is purposely sending the wrong bottoms down the runway. I think Tim Gunn might cry.

Shirin just said "We're trying but are we succeeding?

Aw we still got pretty good marks and comments from the judges! Alright we are determined to get some 'tude from the judges though! Let me hand the laptop back to Vyque, so I can really try to screw up my challenge! haha.

We did absolutely nothing, didn't even put on the dress we half ass made, shh let's see what happens.

Yay! Finally some snark, Heidi said "It was just tacky." The other judges hated it to. Oh wow, we just got eliminated, soooo sad! Auf wiedersehen!

I guess we won't be applying for Project Runway Season 8, but we had fun! Don't forget to leave a comment to enter the giveaway and win your own copy of the game!


Mami2jcn said...

I'd love to win it for the Wii. Thanks!

mami2jcn at gmail dot com

DWJ said...

I'm a Wii girl and now I don't feel so silly for wanting to try this game myself! dwj at theartofaccessories dot com

Fashion Pulse said...

PC DVD!! :) sounds like you guys had a blast!

Joan's Heart said...

Oh, oh, oh... I wanna win the Wii version! Looks like you guys had a great time and I could totally see playing when my 12 year old cousin visits this summer. tracyjd5 at hotmail dot com

jordana said...

Oooh pick me, pick me ! I'd prefer Wii if I won. You two look great!

fawn said...

Oh my gosh, I would love to win this for Wii. You guys look hilariously awesome playing it. My sisters would love it! (Email in profile)

Anonymous said...

Ok, I NEED this. For PC, I'm not saavy enough to have bought a Wii yet. :/ Shame, because you guys look like you had fun posing, Lol.

Retrodiva said...

Oh my 7 year old daughter and I would have so much fun playing this on our Wii! My email is meredithcornwall at gmail dot com.

Marta said...

My boyfriend ESPECIALLY wants this for Wii. JK, but I will make him play it with me! :)

Aimee said...

I would love to win this for my mom. She'd love it! Sounds like you guys had a blast. Thanks for the great giveaway!


throuthehaze said...

Fun! Either format would be fine for me although I would really prefer the Wii version.

throuthehaze at gmail dot com

Sarah G said...

I'd love to win it for the PC! Thanks!


Ryan said...

Your photos made me laugh

♥Jennette♥ said...

What fun! I love this giveaway and would want the wii version!

jozie4 said...

I am a Project Runway addict and couldn't believe they were going to "make it work" on a video game. How awesome is that! I would love either version.

Anonymous said...

Your review of the game really made me laugh, I too would want to hear bitchy comments from the judges ;)
I'd love the PC version. I would love to play this game with my niece, she's only 3 years old but is gonna be a supermodel when she grows up and she loves dressing up in all my clothes already so she'd love this!

aj said...

I hope I win ( :

A_C_E_ @hotmail dot com

Madeline said...

I would love to win this game in the PC DVD version.
Thank you so much for having this giveaway!
mem4dr at gmail dot com

Unknown said...

As a huge fan of Project runway and everything dealing with fashion I would love to win the wii game and get into some pose madness! katorra of Thanks for having this contest;)

Daphne said...


Unknown said...

Wow. I didn't even know this existed. Love to try the PC DVD.

kuriku @

Clara said...

My husband and I both enjoy watching Project Runway, and would so love this game. Thanks for the giveaway. (PC DVD)


cboza at vna1 dot com (that's a numeral "1" in "vna1")

Carmen Munoz. said...

I am from Chile! Can i win?

Congrats for your blog!



Steffanie said...

I would like to win it for the Wii.

steffanie771 at hotmail dot com

Unknown said...

YOu guys are too funnny...was micheal kors snarky? because thats an integral part of the show!

Lindsay said...

This sounds like fun! I'd like to win it for the PC version!