Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spike-Inspired Jewelry

Wendy B has answered my prayers by creating Spike-inspired jewelry, an amazing necklace and ring. Who's Spike, you ask?? I'm intensely sorry for any who doesn't know, he was the bad boy British vampire that eventually became Buffy's love interest. That's right "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" who did the high school chick loves a vampire WAY before "Twilight." Also, she was a bad ass in her own right, not constantly needing saving like a certain someone...
SpikeI digress. Spike is amazing. He was complex and swaggery and had the sexiest accent. I love anything that has to do with him. I listened to his old band's music. I listened to techno remixes of his lines from the show. He is and always will be number one on my list (you know from "Friends" - the five celebrities you can sleep with without it being considered cheating). If I saw him right now, I would dissolve into a 12-year-old girl puddle of screaming tears. Anything that has to do with him I must own. One of these pieces will be mine, oh yes.
Just one of my Spike action figures ;)


Style Geek said...

This is kinda scary and freaky but I'm playing "Let Me Rest in Peace" from the Buffy Musical on loop right now... He's my favorite Buffy guy - Angel was too angsty. lol


WendyB said...

Hot damn, you have a Spike action figure!

I had a passionate debate with someone on Angel vs Spike. How silly! Angel = got soul due to gypsy curse. Spike = got soul due to true remorse for bad actions.


Vyque said...

Angel was SO whiny, though hot when he became Angelus ;)

But yes, Spike was 100 times more awesome and I'm currently annoyed at season 8 for what appears to be a big Buffy / Angel reunion when it should be Spike!

Unknown said...

That necklace and ring are "to die for!"

kristophine said...