Monday, March 29, 2010

Wedding Dress Code Guide

Wedding season is rapidly descending upon us! Besides never wearing white, the dress codes of wedding attire have gotten hazier and hazier as time has gone by. But don't fret, I have created this guide to help you look amazing. I decided to focus mostly on location, since that usually makes the most impact on what a person wears.

Beach Wedding
Ahh, the beach wedding. This is usually "informal" or "casual" but how casual is too casual? Will your heels sink in the sank (answer: yes)? This is where you can break out your sparkly flat sandals or cute wedges. And while you can get away with loose jersey dresses, it still doesn't hurt to have some glitz - I'm particularly fond on the tank dress with the lamé skirt underneath! Buy at Nordstrom for just $120. But don't be afraid to dress to the theme, look for ikat, rafia, and island details to really create a great look. Don't forget a great wrap for the night ocean breezes!
Garden Wedding
Garden weddings, or other outdoor wedding, are usually" informal", which technically falls between "casua" and "semi-formal." This usually means cocktail dresses, though you can still get away with a slightly more relaxed look, particularly if it's a daytime affair. This means flowy silks or tailored cotton. I can't help but love prints, particularly florals, for an outdoor wedding. If your style tends to be more minimal or edgy, go for a bright solid to look festive! As for shoes, strappy sandals with tall heels look great, but if you have trouble walking in grass you may want to consider a cute wedge.
Cocktail Party Wedding
Cocktail weddings usually fall under "cocktail" or "semi-formal" attire and are the most common wedding had. They can be held in a huge variety of spaces, from art galleries to hotel ballrooms to the hottest restaurant! This is where you can really start amping up the glam factor, with sequins and lots of bling. You can also get a little edgier here, maybe pair your frock with some booties or hardware that would feel out of place outdoors. I love the Alexander Wang pyramid clutch for a mix of tough and luxe, but it's a pricey $490 at ShopBop.
Formal Wedding
I have never been to a "formal" wedding, which is why I have beautiful long gowns wasting away in the back of my closet! These are always evening, black tie affairs with men in tuxedos and women in evening gowns. I imagine these are socialite weddings held at the Plaza, with towering centerpieces and seven course dinners. This is where you break out the satin clutches and pumps, and your most expensive jewelry.

So there you have it, my thoughts and advice on how to style yourself the next wedding you find yourself attending! But don't be afraid to push the envelope... as long as you feel the bride would be OK with it. Remember, it's her day!