Friday, April 30, 2010

Inventory Issues

Ok, I'm getting really sick and tired of online boutiques not knowing their own inventory. Most recently I tried to buy some cute alice + olivia for Payless clogs and guess what I found out today?

"Due to an inventory discrepancy, your order was accepted even though inventory was not available. Your order cannot be fulfilled."

This makes me SO ANGRY! What's even worse is that their store still says my size is in stock! Online boutique should never ever do this to their customers - it's one thing to show people all the great items they can't have, but to pretty much trick people into thinking they can buy something when they really can't is probably one of the most negative customer service experiences I can think of. Some of you may remember when this happened to me with Hautelook about a year ago. I don't believe I've purchased from them since, I was so angry at how they handled the situation. Will I ever attempt to buy something from Payless again? Most certainly not, I don't trust them to not disappoint me!

I mean, they could have at least provided info on what nearby stores have the shoes in stock, grumble, grumble, grumble. Will someone please buy them for me at the alice + olivia boutique in Bryant Park and ship to me, I'm a 6.5.