Monday, April 26, 2010

Kushy Foot To the Rescue!

I have an amazingly cute pair of KORS Micheal Kors moccasins that's I've probably owned for about a year and never wore. So last week I decided I obviously needed to break them in, and I realized how much of a pain stretchy back flats can be!OwwyI almost immediately had to break out my emergency band aids and slap them on the back of my heels... but they were pretty obvious and keep falling off as I walk - yuck.
Then I remembered I had gotten some free super low foot covers by Kushy Foot and they were in my desk! The have foot pads on the ball and heel of the footie sock.
Hooray! it was so much better! They did peek out a little bit along the edges of my shoes, but they saved me from limping around and are definitely going into my bag for emergencies! Get three sets of two (one nude, one black) for $21 and thank me later!


Midtown Girl said...

They are such a lifesaver!! You just reminded me to get a new pair ;-)