Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mule or Clog??

I've been researching clogs for the past few months and this has been driving me batty. What exactly is the difference between a mule and a clog, and, while we're on the matter, are both considered a slide? Let's turn to the internet to help!

"The typical clog may be thought of as a closed toed wooden (or other) bottom shoe with a heel no more than a couple of inches high. These shoes are backless, unless they are clog boots, which may be mid-thigh length, and have wooden soles." I personally would like to add in that the most I've seen have round, bulbous toes. A close example of a "real" clog is this one I found at Free People:

On the other hand, mules tend to be dressier and have much higher heels. Their backs are also open, but their toes can vary more in shape, from bulbous to maybe square or even more pointed. They also don't need the wood base often seen in actual clogs. I currently wish this pair from ASOS came in black because I would buy them in a heartbeat!
Neither clogs nor mules are supposed to have open toes; that would make them slides!

Obviously stores and designers don't really pay attention to these definitions much and pretty much call their shoes whatever they'd like! But hopefully this will help you narrow your search and find a perfect pair for you. Here are some options to get you started!


SupremeLuxe said...

Agree with your definition....it seems that lately "clogs" are in fashion....but I find them to be thicker and definitely more casual.

Mules on the other handle are of a more dressy nature....but I'm not a fan. If you're going for the sexy look, I'd prefer boots in the cooler weather and sandals in the warmer weather over mules anyday!