Friday, April 09, 2010

My Fashion Challenge: Layering a Button Down

It's funny, but I seem to have an impossible fear/hatred of button down shirts. They seem so stuffy to me, I've never really been able to incorporate the few I own into my personal style so they stay hanging in my closet, wore once or twice. Like this black blouse from Victoria's Secret, I've probably worn it just once before! Well, March was my "No Shopping For You!" month, so I knew it was time to practice shopping my own closet (I suck at it!).

And I think I've finally come across a way to actually wear my button downs without feeling like a waiter! I adore cardigans, and really, what is a button down shirt left open but that? So I now will be layering them over tanks, etc for new fun looks! I decided to pair this black one with a brown Twinkle by Wenlan skirt with pretty gathering detail on the front, a pale green tank and a statement necklace! What do you think? Should I have also worn a belt?