Monday, April 05, 2010

Nude Heels for All Skin Tones

I love the idea of wearing nudes shoes to elongate you legs! Everyone woman should own a pair, but I have yet to buy a pair myself! I will definitely make it a priority this spring... after I get that Under.Ligne tank I'm obsessing over... oh and maybe a pair of clog wedges... gak!

Anyhoo, I've noticed that while many articles are written about great nude colored shoes, the actual definition of nude is a little limited - mostly Caucasian with a light tan. Well I know that doesn't fit me, so I've created a few different sets for you ladies to look through and maybe narrow down your options a bit!

Pale Nude Shoes
My first set is for the very fair skinned, pale lilies.When looking for nude shoes to match your skin tone try words like "stone," "blush," "ecru," "cream" and "beige." I love the straw Christian Louboutin peep toes from Net-A-Porter - a pricy $725 but definitely worth the investment! I also really like the bowed platform sandals from Asos, which are a more affordable $52.
Nude Shoes
Next up are the medium toned women. Try words like "tan," "taupe," "khaki," "camel," or "caramel." Sometimes they have more yellow based names like "sunflower." I adore the Yves Saint Laurent pumps on the right, which also appear to have a woven straw texture. They're an expensive $795 at Barney's. For a more affordable $100, the sandals in the middle can be found at Nordstrom.
Nude Shoes

Finally we get to more dark skinned tones. These tend to be described as "taupe," "camel," "brown," "sienna," "chocolate," or "bronze." I'm really loving the bowed Kate Spade peep toes in the center, which are $295 at Piperlime. And the dark chocolate brown peep toes on the right are only $21 at Forever 21 - what a steal!

I really could have created many more sets, narrowed the range for each group more and maybe split out different undertones such as pale pink versus light butterscotch, but this is a pretty decent starting off point!


WendyB said...

Oh good -- because "nude" has been driving me crazy for a long time:

Adelle (The Fashionista Lab) said...

ugh, i just wrote a comment and hit the wrong key and managed to delete it.

anyway, was just going to say thanks for calling out that "nude" only applies to light-skinned white people. it's really frustrating that people throw that term around as a color and act like it will have the same effect on everyone.

Crystalyn Kae said...

oh fabulous! I have been looking for the perfect nude shoes to go with a bridesmaid dress and it is SO fantastic to have them all in one spot! I am loving the slingbacks and the pointy-toed stilettos. . now it's TOO hard of a decision!

Boston Mamas said...

Love this spread and (from the Asian peanut gallery) thank you for splitting it out based on skin tone! -Christine