Monday, April 19, 2010

Shecky's Girls' Night Out DC

I went to the recent Shecky's Girl's Night Out event in DC last week and had a great time! The events feature tasty cocktails, fun music and of course SHOPPING! I saw some impressive discounts, like Fendi sunglasses marked down from $360 to just $150!
I wandered around for a bit, checking out the different vendors. As usual there were tons of jewelry, purses and sunglasses. Definitely lots of cute options in many different price points and everything with a special Shecky's discount! I did see more clothing this year, but most of it felt like something you could pick up at your local Wet Seal. There were also beauty products, lots of makeup and even a booth featuring hair extensions! Now if you could have gotten extensions then and there it would have been neat, but I'm sure that was too much of a time requirement, so it was pretty much just informational.

I was particularly amused by one booth selling various sex toys, corsets and the like? Why so amused? Well, just two stalls down were the "Jesus Groupies" girls selling tees and a variety of religious things... whoopsie!

There was also a huge section for HP and "Sex & the City 2." It mostly featured fun tech, and you could get your picture taken, put into a "Sex & the City" template and printed out then and there! I would have gotten one myself if the line wasn't so long.

Overall, Shecky's continues to be a super fun night out with girlfriends, and I definitely recommend checking out the next one in your area! See all my pictures here: