Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Meeting Rachel Roy

It's been a fashion-filled past couple of days for me! Rachel Roy came to DC Metro area over the weekend to promote her diffusion label, Rachel Rachel Roy, which is sold on her site and at Macy*s. With clothing, shoes, jewelry and purses all retailing for under $250, RRR has quickly become my go-to place to look for on-trend, affordable pieces!

I was already planning to attend the event, but was thrilled when I was invited to actually interview the designer herself! When I arrived, there was already a forever long line of people waiting for autographs, fun music was playing and there were complimentary refreshments circulating about. Models were rocking her latest designs, one was even wearing the studded heels I had posted last week!
Almost three hours into her meeting and greeting she took a few minute break to speak with me. Up close I was slightly blown away by her glowy beauty and dazzling smile. It would be easy to hate her if she didn't work so hard and wasn't so impossibly nice - that's right she's one of those beautiful, talented, super sweet people that makes the rest of us look bad. Cut that out, will ya?

Talking about what inspired her to partner with Macy's to create Rachel Rachel Roy, she says that she always wanted to create a line for "the younger sister" for the shoppers of her designer, ready-to-wear line. She goes on saying, "This was the girl that I used to be or the girl that I aspired to be when I was a bit younger. Where I grew up Macy's was the fanciest department store in my city and the idea that what I'm doing can transfer down into a different price point means a lot to me, since I was that young girl who read Vogue but couldn't afford anything in Vogue." Sigh, I'm still pretty much there. "I guess I'm trying my best to respect my customer and give her good, on-trend product inspired by the runways."

As for this most recent Spring / Summer RRR collection, Rachel was inspired by a girl who was "Parisian traveling through Africa." A combination of her chic aesthetic with tie dye and ethnic prints, and flowy silhouettes resulted in an uber-tempting collection with items that fit into summer trends while remaining wearable season after season!
As for what's next, I hope I planted the idea of a dog accessory line, I would definitely snatch up RRR dog carriers, collars, bowls and beds! And, even though I swore I would never dress my pup even, I would love doggy clothes too! Rachel thought it was "such a cute idea!" so here's hoping ;) She asked to see a picture of my own doggie, but I was using my phone as a recorder. Also on the plate would have to be a line for little girls, since she has two of her own, and beauty. She's "a big fan of make-up and how that can transform you."

Finally, as a blogger I was obligated to ask her about how she felt social media and fashion could work together. Her company already does such an amazing job, heck this lowly blogger had a chance to interview her! She says "it's such a smart way to connect with you customers! I get instant feedback, so I hear when something works and when something doesn't work, I hear what they like and I get ideas from them. They can also get more information on me and just get to know me and what's important to me." Rachel does a lot of work giving back to the community, you should check out her Charity = Clarity Program and her work with OrphanAid Africa.

Once I shut of my phone recorder, Rachel actually asked to see a picture of my dog again, isn't that just the sweetest? You'll be pleased to know she totally cooed over Kyoko, thus making her the most awesome design ever ;)

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