Monday, May 24, 2010

State of Style Awards & Benefit 2010

Last week was the State of Style Awards & Benefit 2010. Put on by the Greater Washington Fashion Chamber of Commerce, it brought together the efforts of major trade organizations, non-profits, industry veterans and designers involved in the development and preservation of the American fashion industry.
So first up was the Awards Luncheon, held in a Senate building due to fashion-related advocacy meetings earlier in the day. Of course I keep beeping as I try to get through the metal detectors, I ended up having to take off my shoes - the fashion horror! I was dressed a little conservatively just because I was also my own photog which means running around in sky high heels just wasn't an option. But notice how I did rock out some color, pairing a bright green tee with a dark purple skirt and blazer. It was nice to see how stylish people got:
Here's Tina Durisseaux of Tdurisseaux Style and Marc-Aidan Wiley, Fashion Editor of Mwari Magazine. I like the shoulder details on her cardigan!
What, is this DC's own version of Bobby Trendy?
And here is GWFCC President Christine Brooks-Cropper with honoree Fern Mallis!

As for the awards - GWFCC Fashion Chamber Choice Awards went to jewelry designer Evelyn Brooks; Fashion Advocacy of the Year Award went to Save the Garment Center (those of you who go to NY Fashion Week probably remember them!); GWFCC Fashion Scholarship Award went to student Abegbmisola Ademisoye; Honorary Fashion Leadership Awards went to D.C. Council member Michael Brown; Leadership in Emerging Business Award went to Lara Miller, fashion designer and Executive Director of the Chicago Fashion Incubator; and Elements of Fashion Legacy Award went to Fern Mallis.
As for the Benefit later that night, we got to see designs by Kustom Looks, Kas Collection, Evelyn Brooks Designs, Tashia Senn Collection, CG Originals, Tsyndyma Collection, Abegbmisola Ademisoye, Artistic Aya and Lara Miller. Here's me and Janice of The Capitol Fashionista on the red carpet! You love my Marc Jacobs misplaced heels!
Check out all of my pictures from the Awards Luncheon and Benefit here: