Friday, May 07, 2010

Zac Posen For Target

So I wandered over to a nearby Target in Reston, VA to see what was left of the Zac Posen for Target collaboration. Hmm, looks like most of the super cute pieces, particularly the dresses, had been picked over, but there are still plenty of bathing suits and red leather jackets!
And some hilarious tuxedo unitards - I'm kinda tempted to buy one just because.
Anyhoo, all the cute stuff under $100 only had XL or XS left... I'm not exactly an XS but I faked it just for you darlings!
If there could be one piece that was actually available in my size, it would have to be this super cute skirt! I had snap details which are functional to give the skirt various different looks! Is anyone can find it in a 3 or 5, let me know :)
I also found one of the tiger print sailor dresses that everyone got excited about. Honestly, while I totally adore the print, the weird fabric insert at the front of the dress just drapes too oddly for me. I imagine it looks great if you're spinning around, but in general it kinda hangs there looking weird.

Overall this looked like a pretty good collection and I'm tres happy that it got ransacked here - maybe we're not a fashion lost cause after all!


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