Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Blessing Brand Giveaway Extension (and Winner)

We have one winner for the Blessing Brand Bracelet Giveaway (Congrats Lynda!), however we had two bracelets to give away and Lynda was the only one who left a contact e-mail! As a result I'm extending the contest until Wed. July 7 at 12PM Eastern Time, to give away the second bracelet. So if you missed out, or forgot to leave a contact e-mail, here's your second chance. Leave a comment below, but remember, you can't win if we can't contact you! (U.S residents Only)

The bracelets are designed by LA Musician Scott Fairbrother. "Scott explains that he “wanted something that represented the classic Californian trinity of peace, love and harmony, but still had an edgy rock’n'roll vibe.” To this end, each leather wrap is decorated with positive messages or mantras (“carpe diem” and “practice compassion”) embossed in silver lettering and are fastened with a heart or peace clasp." They come in 8 different sizes and two different lengths, and retail for $24.00 or $34.00.

I love the combination of the inspiration messages with the tougher look of the leather wrap, and they are super comfy too! Remember, you can get your Blessing Brand bracelet now with our exclusive 15% discount. Just enter the code FASSHON at checkout!


Style with Annie said...

Pick me please :)

cole said...

Nfaletra@gmail.com! pick me!!