Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Label to Watch: Suzanna Dai

Suzanna Dai has some amazing pieces of jewelry!! Designed by Suzie Gallehugh, she received a degree in Fashion Design from New York City’s renowned Fashion Institute of Technology. After graduating, Gallehugh went on to work for Jones Apparel Group, where she honed her skills in beading and embellishments. Her expertise in exquisite detailing naturally led her to launch the Suzanna Dai jewelry collection in May 2009.
Before making the leap, Gallehugh traveled to India to source her materials and manufacture the pieces. “I create an exact swatch of the precise beading technique to use for a particular style and then sketch out the image of the fully finished piece,” explains Gallehugh. “These are sent to India, where the materials are sourced. Everything is hand-beaded on fabric, as you would for a garment, with the raw edges finished on the outside edge of the beading with a tight whipstitch. The beaded shape is then cut out and backed with leather or suede.”
In its inaugural collection, Suzanna Dai was immediately picked up by luxury retailers, including Bergdorf Goodman and Takashimaya. I am totally in love with so many of the necklaces, talk about making a statement! Alas, her line retails for about $105 to $430 and the necklaces are near the top of that range - sniff! You can buy pieces online from Stars + Infinite Darkness or Boticca.


k said...

If only we could all have Blair's bank account ;)