Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Style Challenge: A Redneck Wedding

Over the weekend I went to a wedding reception almost exclusively filled with people proud to call themselves rednecks. Super nice people, but I felt like I had fallen down a rabbit hole, like Vyqué In Redneckland. The dress code was casual, which of course I took to mean a a cotton sundress! I'm rocking one my mom made back in the 70s - she used to be such a talented seamstress, I'm thinking maybe I should hire her to make all my clothes!Well casual in my world means something completely different in Redneckland! I saw lots of jean shorts, wifebeaters, even a vest with the sleeves torn off and the phrase "Get a Real Bike You Fucking Pussy!" on the back. Man I wish I got a good shot of that, I still have trouble believing it.The cake was tattoo-themed, very Ed Hardy!
I had a good time, and I think I looked cute so who cares if I was overdressed!


Ivana said...

1. You looked super cute, very vintage summer chic

2. I cannot believe that this was an actual wedding. I am planning on forwarding my friend this post right away, the Ed Hardy cake is too hilarious to be true! So great!

Midtown Girl said...

You can never be overdressed dahling - that's my motto!! Adore the dress, the color is so pretty <3

WendyB said...

In some crowds you can't HELP but be overdressed.