Thursday, July 29, 2010

Inspiration Board: Work Boots

I bought some really great lace up ankle boots (work boots, field boots, combat boots) that I just adore and recently styled with some socks and a mini. But, while I was super pleased with the look, I want to be aware of other ways to rock my new boots, particularly any office appropriate stylings! So I went on a search to see how other people wear them:

Hmm, besides super short bottoms, it looks like the majority of looks involve skinny pants tucked in. I suppose I could pull that off for work on Casual Friday, what do you guys think? Nicki Hilton (in the top left corner) would be what I aspire to - edgy but still very clean. I do like the long dress paired with the boots as well, but I actually don't own anything like that... it's UNIQLO and is it just me or do that not have any dresses available on their site?? I wanna!!!!