Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Style Challenge: Jumpsuiting

I finally managed to get together a look based on my worn once before jumpsuit! You may recall I didn't want to wear black shoes and I couldn't decide if pumps (like my red ones) looked right. So I created my own inspiration board from various stores to see how they styled them. I learned that I was very much drawn to the outfits with beige cage sandals so of course I immediately ordered a pair and they arrived yesterday, horray! They're from Yes Style and I guess shoe makers in Asia didn't get the memo to not make red soled shoes because these totally look like Loubies :O
I knew I wanted to still be as colorful as possible, so I added on my pretty blue necklace and this amazing indigo cardigan that's also from Yes Style. It's paper thin and super soft and as soon as my self-imposed shopping embargo is lifted I am buying every color! So what do you think of my look, should I have added a belt to the mix as well?


Unknown said...

Super cute! Great addition of color and spot on with those hot shoes! Now I really wanna get a jumpsuit and copy u!

U look fabulous!