Thursday, July 01, 2010

Oscar de la Renta iPad Clutch

Did you notice the super cute, embroidered leather clutch sent down the Oscar de la Renta Resort 2010 runway?? Of course you did! Well, it's officially available on the site, I imagine these will sell like... well, like iPads :P Available in four colors, carnation, white, marigold & stone, buy one now for $290!Anyone out there have one (an iPad, that is) and want to tell me if it's better than a Kindle for digital books?


DWJ said...

First of all I want this case but I refuse to pay that much for it. I was thinking about a Kindle or Nook but didn't get one and will tell you why I love the iPad so much. It has everything. Magazines are insanely amazing on it, I like all the book apps for it (Borders, B&N, iBooks, Amazon Kindle app for iPad), plus you have your email, internet, music and photos. This is the most perfect device ever.