Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hard Night Good Morning Daily Moisturizer

I recieved a free sample of some Hard Day Good Night Daily Moisturizer to review, and I admit I was super hesitant. Having had problem skin since my tween days, I'm a bit militant on my skin regimen, which is pretty much following what my dermatologists have recommended over the years - prescription creams and Neutrogena products all the way! But when I opened the little jar, it smelt so delicious I couldn't stop myself from slathering it all over my face!!

The emollient-rich day cream felt like satin against my skin, immediately relieved my dry patches caused by my prescription cream, and didn't cause my oily bits to look shiny! I didn't break out (it's a constant fear) and the smell made me feel refreshed all day! Good morning, indeed.