Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Painted Roses Skirt from Retail Therapy

I don't know if you play Retail Therapy on Facebook, but I do. Pretty much an app where you set up your own boutique and sell real clothes that you can buy in real life; I'm currently trying to keep my spending in check by playing dress up on my avatar. Of course, this can backfire and I totally want the skirt she's currently wearing! It was sold out at TopShop (crises averted). And then... I found it at ModCloth :O It's $55 and I haven't bought it as of today, but it's definitely swimming around in my mind going "I'm affordable! You can pair me with sailor stripes for a totally awesome mixed pattern look! I have pockets!!" Gak, everyone please buy this so it sells out and I'm no longer tempted, ok?