Friday, August 27, 2010

Shopaholic Rehab: It Begins

Hi, my name is Vyqué and I'm a shopaholic.

Hi Vyqué

Previously mentioned on IFB, being a fashion blogger is rough on your bank account. Looking daily at fabulous items you could add to you closet is quite a temptation! In addition, you feel a constant pressure to look cute, have the latest it shoes, go to NYC twice a year for fashion week, and discuss your fabulous purchases with your readers.

About five years ago I started blogging about shopping. I paid my credit card off every month and had no debt. Well today my balance is neared maxed out and I'm gonna have to intervention myself. Don't get me wrong, I'm no "confessions of a Shopaholic." I have just one credit card, I pay way more the minimum every month, my credit score is surprisingly high, I do not throw away my bills in hopes they disappear. BUT maybe that's my problem - I'm in denial because my situation is just not desperate enough. Even though I now have to save up for a wedding, I still spend like an irresponsible teenager.So here I am, making a public commitment to pay off my card in one year. At least once a week I will report on my progress, my relapses and my successes. I will unsubscribe to all the various sample sale site newsletter where I impulsively buy items "because look how much they're on sale! I lose money if I don't buy them!" I will make a list of items I actually need and only buy those. I will still treat myself on occasion, but keep myself in check. I will create an account on and follow a budget. And instead of daydreaming about winning the lottery, I will daydream about the day I pay off my credit card completely and fiscally grow up.

I will need lots of positive reinforcement as the year goes on; I know it's annoying to reward someone for acting the way they should have been already but bear with me! Eventually my habits will change!

Credit Card: 9.85% paid off


Anonymous said...

Good luck!
I wish I had your determination.
I get so depressed sometimes looking at all the fab clothes on various fashion blogs and not having the money to afford them but have so far resisted getting a credit card. Unfortunately i do have several accounts which still need to be paid off.
Hope all goes well x

k said...

you can DO it!