Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Starry Denim Shorts

If these Stolen Girlfriends Club denim shorts weren't high waisted I would buy them in a heartbeat! I adore the star print, so fun and unique! Alas, with my tiny torso it would probably button right under my bust, ahahah. Buy at I Don't Like Mondays for the sale price of $90.


amandalee said...

I totally had a pair of these in middle school. I wore 'em with a navy tee and gold sandals/jewelry. Matchy-matchy!

shoppingEddie said...

my girlfriend loves to have items with stars printed on it. i bought her a pillow with stars and she loved it. where can i possibly get this? i think she'll like this too, of course she will.

Vyque said...

shoppingEddie - I've only seen these Stolen Girlfriends Club shorts at the site I link to - I Don't Like Mondays. You can also try liberty.co.uk once their site comes back up!