Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Band of Outsiders S/S '11

Band of Outsiders had three bits - Band of Outsiders Man (slightly twisted, preppy menswear), Band of Outsiders Boy (menswear-inspired clothing for women) and the newly debuted Band of Outsiders Girl, which is undeniably feminine! "Sugar and spice and all things nice," says creator Scott Sternberg.The new Girl is definitely my favorite, somehow walking the balance of sohpisticated and sweet, with lots of draping and Grecian influences. I felt a little sorry for those models, because they were standing in a giant mister! But the effect was quite lovely.Boy was sporty tomboy, very cute for the androngynous look! Some colorblocking and a camo print top and matching shorts that were to die for!"Man has always felt like a just out of college and now I play kickball with other Ivy League grads on the weekend" line. A slouchy, prep look with hints of hipster thrown in for good measure.

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