Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Betsey Johnson S/S '11

I was super excited to be invited to the Betsey Johnson show this season! She was the very first designer I knew about, I actually wore her to my freshman year homecoming dance! And my senior year prom! The show itself was as exciting and entertaining as I had expected, I even got sat in the front row last minute when someone didn't show up. The clothing following a bicycle tour of Manhattan, with a first-person video of the actual trip Betsey took of the city playing on a big screen. Models were adorned with bicycle chains and necklaces saying "Ride Me" - I cannot confirm nor deny that I would totally buy one of those blinged out necklaces if they make it to stores! Fleet Week had cute sailor outfits, the Upper East Side had floral black and white prints and her trademark poufy gowns were all Times Square, baby!

Check out all my pictures, the lighting was crazy so it was impossible for me to get consistently good shots, but at least they're close up!