Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Boudoir D'huitres S/S '11

In the jungle the mighty jungle, the lion sleep tonight, aweemawa, aweemawa, aweemawa....erm, pardon me but I just can't view the Boudoir D'huitres spring collection without that song running through my head! The title of the show was "Prey and Pray" and designer Mimi Plange inspiration was found in the country of South Africa. With a thumping tribal beat the models marched down the runway in a variety of animal prints and some seriously bad-ass sunglasses that made me want to RAWR with approval. The colors were the earthy yellow, orange, tan, white, and brown tones of desert plains with some deep oasis-like blues and shady greens thrown in. Leather, suede, and high-sheen silks featured heavily in the collection.

Jane of the Jungle!

This was my first time attending the Boudoir D'huitres runway show, and I was very pleasantly surprised. While clearly a luxury line, the collection was also fun and funky.

Seriously, killer. sunglasses.

See all the runway looks in the slideshow below:


Merilee Cohen said...

Gorgeous and wearable collection by Mimi.
You are the first to label our Mercura Sunglasses as "Killer Sunglasses" this is a fun way to go!!