Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dennis Basso S/S '11

Fur-haters, avert your eyes! While by no means the only designer with fur in his or her collection, Dennis Basso is definitely known for loving his pelts. In fact, a lot of people had their bags checked when they entered the show, and there was at least one protester outside! I'm not fur advocate, but I do love some of the inherited vintage fur pieces I own. I don't think I would ever buy something new though, does that make a difference?

Well, feel free to debate in the comments, but about the show. Focusing solely on cocktail and evening gowns, there was a ballerina feel to me - loving those full, circle skirts! Interesting cut outs and open backs, and the asymmetrical straps were great, but also some shapeless frocks that weren't so pretty and weirdly futuristic items that felt very out of place. What do you think?