Sunday, September 12, 2010

G-Star Chess tournament

Yay for G-star using the smartypants of the world to promote their line! On September 10th, G-star took a break from fashion week madness to host an innovative chess tournament at the Cooper Square Hotel in New York City. The tournament pitched the world's numero uno chess player, 19-year-old Magnus Carlsen (nineteen!), against thousands of online chess players and several Chess Grandmasters. Magnus persevered, and won in 44 moves and 2.5 hours. Liv Tyler was on hand to present to present his award. Look at that cutey! Crazy-smart and adorable too!

*It should be noted that while the writer of this post usually starts out enjoying a good game of chess, she tends to lose concentration at a critical moment, make a game-ruining bad move, and sweep off all the pieces in a hissy fit of frustration.