Thursday, September 23, 2010

Gerlan Jeans S/S '11

Gerlan Jeans is a line created by designer Gerlan Marcel, who designed prints for Jeremy Scott for five seasons; an influence reflected in her sidestepping of fashion convention, and urban streetwear vibe. I'm so glad I had the opportunity to attend, because both the runway show and the garments themselves where the most fun-spirited and tongue-in-cheek I saw this season. Gerlan funded her show through Kickstarter* and I don't doubt that achieving her funding goal contributed to the celebratory atmosphere of the audience.

I love everything about this situation.

The collection was a throw back to the early 90's, with pastel logo prints, and a pink and aqua print referred to as "lip leopard." Another repeating print featured black silhouetted flamingos against a field of black polka dots. Bustiers, short skirts and dresses, exposed midriffs, t-shirt dresses, and ruffles paraded by on the female models, while the men bore letter jackets, tight jeans, or oversize basketball shorts. Accessories included giant exclamation mark earrings, oversize hair baubles, big pearl necklaces and occasionally terry-cloth towels wrapped around the head. The women strutted down the runway with swagger, giving the impression that they were about to take any crap from anyone. While the designs were for both men and women, it was clear that, in this case, the women held all the power.

Former Deee-Lite member, Lady Miss Kier, was in attendance, as was Baltimore rapper and M.I.A. protogé, Rye Rye.

This was the final, and most dramatic piece to come down the runway. I love how the movement of the ruffles on the on the back is reflected back in her hair style.

See all the Gerlan Jeans S/S '11 looks in the slideshow below:

*To learn more about Kickstarter read WendyB's excellent post on the subject.