Monday, September 20, 2010

Gudnitz Couture S/S '11

Gudnitz Couture is a line of couture gowns by Danish designer Rikke Gudnitz. From bridal dresses to evening gowns, to cocktail dresses perfectly suited to a fun and glamorous evening out on the town, each dress displayed exquisite craftsmanship and attention to fit. Some dresses evoked a bygone era of black and white movies populated by impeccably dressed leading ladies while others would surely inhabit the creams of little girls wishing to become princesses.

I loved how the run of show included a sketch of each dress that would be walking the runway.

This piece was my personal favorite with bit of saucy, jazz era vibe.

This was the final piece to come down the runway. You could hear the dress rustle with each step, even with the music playing. It would definitely make for an impactful wedding dress!

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