Monday, September 20, 2010

Katie Gallagher S/S '11

Welcome to the future! I was so excited to have the opportunity to attend the Katie Gallagher presentation. Her collection was futuristic, avant-garde, and definitely outside the box. Right up my alley! As the presentation began, models marched through the venue and took their place on concrete blocks. With makeup that gave them the bloodshot look of hackers trapped indoors for too long, they looked out over the heads of attendees with a stonefaced glare. The name of the collection was Arena and it was easy to picture these women as warriors in some dystopian future version of a gladiator battle.

The garments were all hard angles and asymmetrical geometric patterns. Patent leather and knits combined with mesh-like fabrics to bring texture and depth to outfits consisting mostly of shades of black. Thrown in here and there were models clothed head to toe in a fiery red, or brilliant blue.

After this presentation I became an instant fan of Katie Gallagher's work and look forward to following her future evolution as a fashion designer working to the beat of her own drum.

View all the looks in the slideshow below: