Thursday, September 16, 2010

Max Azria S/S '11

After having a fabulous brunch with Alyssa, Dream Sequins, Nova Style (not from Northern VA, in case you got confused for a sec too!), Shoe Daydreams and more, I dashed uptown to Lincoln Center for Max Azria. Lots of people were there including Kate Lanphear, Leigh Lezark, Katrina Bowden and Alison Brie! I love how bored Leigh Lezark looks!

Again we see very clean lines, minimal chic with a softly neutral color palette! Lots of beige, blush, lime and white - it's almost uncanny how everyone went in such similar directions for spring. This collection was very gauzy, like the models had mist clinging to them as they went down the runway. Just a few architectural touches, with cutouts and linear straps, to give pieces depth, overall a beautiful collection!
I wish I could wear silhouettes like this, but you have to be pretty boy-shaped to pull it off. But so pretty!! Check out all my pictures right here:


E said...

I thought this collection looked like exactly the type of thing I would love to wear when it gets warm again - soft and drapey and sleek.