Friday, September 17, 2010

Michael Angel S/S '11

Michael Angel's spring collection featured beautiful, multi-hued abstract prints. The effect was like gazing into a kaleidoscope. Despite the vibrant colors, the tone of the collection was kept minimalistic with angular, geometric cuts and folds, and sharp menswear collars. Often the intense hues were obscured by semi-transparent latex jackets and skirts. Mixed in was some wonderfully light, soft looking summer leather. Midriffs were often bared, and slits in the skirts went all the way up the thigh.

To my delight, I noticed all the models were wearing comfortable looking oxford shoes! No teetering on stiletto heels so high that walking seems more like a miracle than a normal human activity! The collection was distinctive and cohesive, and I could stare at those rolling washes of color all day, but I do wish their had been a bit more variety in the cut of the garments. With the severely slicked back hair sported of the models, I picture a futuristic society in which garments themselves are much the same, and personal expression is made through otherworldly colored fabrics.

See more of Michael Angel's S/S '11 runway looks below:

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