Friday, September 24, 2010

Monique Pean S/S '11

Moorea tourmaline necklace and Tahitian pearl earrings

Monique Pean is a jewelry designer who had her first NY Fashion Week presentation this season. She has an interesting back story that was covered by The Cut. Basically, she was working as a financial analyst for Goldman Sachs when a tragic event occurred, and to help her cope, she turned to a creative outlet. What Pean did next is where the story turns atypical; she spent $30,000 on a woolly mammoth tusk which she fashioned into a necklace for herself. She got herself noticed when she wandered into a NYC boutique wearing the tusk necklace and a jewelry line was born!

For Fashion Week, Pean unveiled her Ahe collection, inspired by a trip to Polynesia, as well as Paul Gauguin's paintings of the region and Polynesian crafts. Influenced by the ocean and the thriving life it contains, including coral reefs and marine life, she created an elegant, modern interpretation of tropical island jewelry. Her materials included sustainably-farmed, pearls, shells, devastation-free diamonds, 18 carat gold, and of course, fossilized woolly mammoth and walrus ivory. Pean's line is eco-friendly, and she donates a percentage her profits to charitable organizations.

Atoll shell necklace

View the entire collection in the slideshow below:


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