Wednesday, September 29, 2010

NY Fashion Week: The Afterparties

Not since my first time at fashion week have I gone to so many afterparties! First up was the Richie Rich afterparty with Alyssa. It was crazy, people in wacky outfits, men dancing on banquets, totally epic!
There were lots of drag queens there! At least, I'm assuming they're drag queens :O
Then was Charlotte Ronson. I went the whole day eating just one cookie and walked all over, so I started off really exhausted and cranky. but then a waiter came out with pizza!!!! PIZZAAAAAA
Nom nom nom nom.
Look, Sam Ronson was DJing! Charlotte Ronson was also there.
This was apparently some socialite, boy she was loving the attention. Russel Simmons was also wandering around, I saw him a few times but never with my camera at the ready. OK, I'm lying, I was totally "Uhh, who is this small guy everyone is taking pictures of??"Then was the Betsey Johnson afterparty at Good Units. I thought it was be crazy, similar to the Richie Rich one. Instead it felt a little like a high school prom, with people sitting around on the bleachers and nothing very interesting happening at all. We left pretty early though, maybe it got rowdy later in the night.
Last up was the Malan Breton afterparty with Alyssa and Kathy! It was the last night in NYC, such a bittersweet occasion! This was apparently his second afterparty, I guess he's doing well!
It was great having one last night with all the Fasshonaburu girls in NYC, but I must say I was pretty beat at this point. Just the running from show to show, constantly standing and forgetting to eat can be pretty exhausting. When you top it all off with late night partying, you end up coming home sick like me! Worth it? Well... maybe, but I think next time I'll try to take it a bit easier!