Saturday, September 11, 2010

Richie Rich S/S '11

I was excited to go to Popluxe by Richie Rich, which is always a spectacle! I was thrilled to see the infamous Coco and her husband Ice T, and I think the Veronicas were there as well. The show opened with some ballerinas dancing about the catwalk followed by a dj and violinist rocking out. Then out came the models!You know, a lot of people said they didn't care to see this show because the clothes would be ugly, but I was happy that this wasn't the case at all. Sure, they were a bit electric Barbie, but of course there needs to be some boldness - it's Richie Rich! But then the show was completely stolen by...OMG it's Ellen DeGeneres!!! Rocking out a perfected Blue Steel, everyone went nuts!

Then, even though we were exhausted, Alyssa and I dragged ourselves to the afterparty. I'm super glad, it was packed full of fabulous people, drinking and dancing and looking club kid glam.