Sunday, September 19, 2010

Risto S/S '11

This was Risto's third New York Fashion week runway show, and the second I've attended. Risto Bimblowski has quickly become one of favorite designers because each of his collections takes me on a journey somewhere new and exciting. His designs are creative and innovative, yet still very wearable.

This season Risto was inspired by a powerful telescope he had recently acquired. His Spring 2011 collection takes us on a celestial journey to the moon and back, through nature and technology, from light to dark. Lightweight silks and cotton seersucker in pastel greens and blues and soft grays bring us to the skies above. We reach the moon with digital prints of the lunar landscape on garments with folds reflecting the rough terrain. Web-like knitwear evokes the crisscrossing lines of photographic lunar imagery. Jewelry, garments and shoes covered in large, irregular, angular pieces of interlocking plexiglass bring to mind moon rocks. Once in deep space we are confront the darkness with a shiny black leather, dark gauzy garments with pinpricks of stars and satellite-like abstract night sky prints.

Thank you Risto, for taking me on a trip through space and to the moon. I can't wait to see where we go next time!

This knit sweater is beautiful, but it also makes me think of some slowly creeping alien tentacled creature! Save me!

I desperately need this lunar print in my life!

See more of the Risto Spring/Summer 2011 collection in our slideshow below:


Jillian Hobbs said...

Risto was gorgeous... wish I had seen you there!